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Music list by cheko17a
Last updated 11 years, 10 months ago

Recent reviews

Does he still have the magic? Yes he does

Posted : 11 years ago on 3 May 2010 04:09 (A review of Devil's Playground)

So many years ago, a guy called billy idol left the punk band Generation X and satrted a successful solo career, principally with the 1984 album Rebel Yell, but in 1993 somthing happened, billy launched the not so loved Cyberpunk with electronic experiments and wweird voices, i like it, but i'm not writing about Cyberpunk, this is the review:

Super Overdrive 10/10 Riffstastic song, just pure rock, a great intro track, it rally gets inmediately your attention and you want to hear more

World Coming Down 10/10 A punk track, remembering his Generation X years, this track is very fast and great, i like the lyrics

Rat Race 9/10 Slower than the previous two, and gets heavier at the chorus

Sherri 10/10 I loveeee this song, it's just something personal i like everything about trhis song, a pop rock song, just awesome

Plastic Jesus 8/10 The slowest in this album, this is a highway anthem at my point of view

Scream 9/10 Sounds like Rebel Yell but part 2, more modern, but rebel yell is better of course, anyways i like this song but the chorus is a little too simple

Yellin' at the Xmas Tree 9/10 Other punk song but about christmas O.o, that's something unusual but original at the same time

Romeo's Waiting 10/10 I really like the starting riff, and the lyrics are pretty good, i love the chorus, awesome song

Body Snatcher 9/10 Heavy and fast song

Evil eye 8/10 Good verses but weak chorus, one of the wakest in this album

Lady Do or Die 8/10 Pseudo country song, slow but very good

Cherie 9/10 A love song with acuostic guitar, with almost the same name of the previous sherri, interesting...

Summer Running 9/10 Slow track but in the middle of the track something happens and the guitar explosion appears, and the the nomal slow song, a very good way to end the album

Well, this is the best Idol album since Rebel Yell, and the difference in quality in this and Cyberpunk is just unexpected, this is one of the bests comebacks i ever seen, if you like billy idol previous albums, this is something refreshing that you'll probably love just like me :)

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hahaha i can't believe i used to like this!! xD

Posted : 11 years, 3 months ago on 10 February 2010 04:40 (A review of The Black Parade)

A few years ago, i met a band called my chemical romance and i thought that they were great, but i grew and now i know that mcr is bad music, they pretend to look so dark and they achieve the opposite:

1.- The End N/A-Intro, no review

2.- Dead 8/10-I have to say that not all is bad here, this one is catchy and is easy to like, it seems like this guys know at least how to start an album in a good way

3.- This is how I Disappear 2/10-Bad song with a bad chorus and the voices are irritating here, almost cliched lyrics

4.- The Sharpest Lives 4/10-Better than the previous but still a bad song, nothing special

5.- Welcome to the Black Parade 6/10-Piano intro, and first slow part and then the faster, this is a catchy song very similar to i'm not okay but better in my personal opinion

6.- I Don't Love You 3/10- This is a slow song but has boring lyrics and beat

7.- House of Wolves 8.5/10- This is the best song in this album, so they are capable to do good songs and not only bad ones, but...

8.- Cancer 1/10-I HATE THIS SONG, they tried pathetically to made the darkest song ever? only speaking about the cancer symptoms and their future death? are you kidding me? this song is very very bad and boring

9.- Mama 2/10-This song is as weird as bad, the lady singing is very bizarre in the middle of the song

10.- Slep 5/10-Best ballad here, not boring at all, it seems like mcr are improving their hability to make slow songs (or at least this one is good)

11.- Teenagers 5/10-Catchy song abot how teenagers act, nothing special, just good for the masses

12.- Disenchanted 0/10-I can't believe how boring is this song, this doesn't deserve any opinion

13.- Famous Last Words 0/10-I hate this song very bad, also i hated this song when i used to like this album, hahaha

14.- Blood 0/10-Terrible ending

This album only has three or four songs that are saved from the guillotine

MCR is one of those bands that you forget in the future or you just laugh at sourself saying: hahaha i can't believe i used to listen this stuff!!

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Best T.S.O.L. album

Posted : 11 years, 3 months ago on 10 February 2010 01:52 (A review of Dance With Me)

This album has a very unique feeling that is hard to find in any album, this is horror punk at T.S.O.L. style, and the closest thing to this release is the EP weathered statues, let's start:

1.- Sounds of Laughter 8/10-The ablum starts with a catchy drumbeat and jack grisham singing with his unique style, the only hting i don't really like is the timpe you have to wait for the second verse, still very good

2.- Code Blue 10/10-If you know this band, you know this song, it's almost a law, very recognizable bassline that i love; very fast song with sick lyrics about fucking the dead, epic

3.- The Triangle 9/10-This one is slower than the previous and i like the lyrics about a secret agent

4.- 80 Times 10/10-The first tim i heard this song was from a cover of the offspring, which is my favorite band, but the original is better by far with the mr. grisham's voice, the chorus is simple but is very catchy and great

5.- I'm tired of Life 8/10-This song is very particular, it begins with jack grisham and ron emory talking one to another about how life is a shit, the best part is the ending

6.- Love Story 9/10-Chorus-less songbut it doenst need it, just pure greatness

7.- Silent Scream 10/10-Slowest song, very creepy, the first time i lstened it i just think O.o, but this is an amazing song and one of the bests

8.- Funeral March 9/10-Shortest on the album and fastest also, it's still a very good song

9.- Die for Me 7/10-Ron Emory sings in this one, i think is my least favorite, i just don't like his voice very much

10.- Peace thru' power 9/10-I really like the begining; this song grew on me cuz at the first just didn't like it, now i love it

11.- Dance with Me 10/10-Title track, one of my favorites, the lyrics are kind of frightening xD, but is just a perfect way to end the album

T.S.O.L.'s Dance With Me is just they're best effort, from his very varietaed and unique series of albums, so if you like punk and variety, you MUST hear this album

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Static-X Debut

Posted : 11 years, 3 months ago on 8 February 2010 03:50 (A review of Wisconsin Death Trip)

I used to like a lot this album some years ago, but now my thoughts are different, let's begin:

1.- Push it 9/10- Very good way to start the album with a very simple but catchy chorus, i like the starting riffs.

2.- I'm With Stupid 8/10- I grabbed my shovel (8), very weird teh first time you hear it you just thin wtf? O.o, but very unique song that's a great pont.

3.- Bled for Days 6/10-Just good song, the first time is just okay but it gets better, believe me

4.- Love Dump 1/10-This song is just horrible, i hate it since the first time i heard it, it also has TERRIBLE LYRICS, trust me.

5.- I am 6/10- I used to like a lot thi song but now is just good, nothing really special here

6.- Otsegolation 5/10- This song doesn't have any chorus, i like the riffs, but sometimes this song is a little bit boring...

7.- Stem 4/10-I don't like this song, cuz it's all screamed it really gets annoying.

8.- Sweat on the Bud 2/10- Very poor lyrically, very repetitive, the beat is good but this isn't enough for me

9.- Fix 2/10- Another annoying song, repetitive as hell, bad song

10.- Wisconsin Death Trip 9/10-After some bad songs this one is great, the meoldy with the vocals combination is very good, this would be a great ender, but...

11.- The trance is the motion 3/10-Another boring song, this one is slower than the others, the only good part are the screams, bad song

12.- December 2/10-Booooring slow song, i have nothing to say, the slowest in the album

This album have very good songs but has some terrible too, so is for this reason that is just average

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A very very underrated album

Posted : 11 years, 9 months ago on 4 August 2009 08:25 (A review of Hefty Fine)

This is probably the most underrated bhg album, i can't understand why, it has only nine songs, this record isn't perfect, but it is musically diverse as hell, like any other bhg album, do you remember?, the bhg guys don't like to do the same album over and over again and that's the reason like hefty fine was very different, here's the review:

Balls Out 8/10: Begins with a heavy guitar riff that is very repetitive, the rapping here is the only in the album, notice this, that is the proof of the bhg evolution, a very good song.

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo 10/10: Wow, the first time i heard this song i loved it, and i still love it, very original, the chorus is one of the catchiest ever, one of my favorite songs ever!!

I'm the Least You Could Do 10/10: Wtf? piano in a bhg song? O.o, but is for the good, because it adds an element that i've never heard from them, later is shots the guitar and the repetitive drum beat and this song is great in all extension of the word.

Farting With a Walkman On 7/10: Weakest track here, it repeats the same three verses, the first with electronic sounds, the second with drum beats, and the third with the guitar and all the previous sounds, later lupus do a pretty decent solo.

Ralph Wiggum 10/10: Brilliant, the lyrics are just ralph wiggum quotes man, except for the chorus, yvan eth nioj!!!! is all that i have to say

Something Diabolical 8/10: Is this bhg? Yes it is, with ville valo in the chorus, and jimmy pop and dj q-ball in the verses, pretty dark sound, very different.

Pennsylvania 10/10: Yeaahh!!! This song is probably the most memorable in this record, the riffs are simple but jimmy pop's vocals are as his best, this song is one of my favorites ever, probably the second one, just pure brilliance.

Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss 9/10: This song is similar to the bad touch, the bassline is ver catchy, and so is the chorus, a great techno song.

No Hard Feelings 9/10: Othe notably different bhg song, very techno sounding, but this time with the guitar in the beginnning, bridge and final, the bridge is the best part here.

This isn't the best bhg album, the best is hooray for boobies, but this one is my second favorite, every album is unique, all in all this is a sadly unerrated album that deserves much more attention but whatever that's all.

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Best mest effort of course

Posted : 11 years, 9 months ago on 4 August 2009 07:58 (A review of Wasting Time)

Mest is a typical pop-punk 00's band formed en 1996 in chicago, this is a good album from this guys that had attitude and catchy beats (but the lyrics are very average), whatever this is the review:

1.- Long Days Long Nights 9/10-A great opener, one of the best songs here, the drum beats are too used

2.- Hotel Room 9/10-Very catchy song, the first i heard alongside what's the dillio

3.- What's the Dillio? 10/10-Best song here, and it's very different from the rest, ska-punk flavored, a little bit repetitive but great song

4.- Slow Motion 8/10- Slow song at the beginnning but later it comes faster, catchy song

5.- Drawing Board 8/10- Destination Unknown version is better, but only a little bit, slower than teh previous

6.- Change 8/10- This song begins acuostic but later enter the electric guitar, drums and the almost inaudible bass (which is typical in a pop-punk band), very catch chorus

7.- Forget You 5/10- Very simple song, pure averageness

8.- Electric Baby 7/10- Slowest song in the record, at the first listen is boring but the more you listen it grows in you

9.- Girl for Tonight 7/10- Typical pop-punk song, just that

10.- Lonely Days 6/10- Pretty simple song with a catchy chorus, not much to say

11.- Richard Marxism 6/10- An ok song, the chorus is good

12.- Random Arrival 8/10- The things are better after five songs, pretty catchy, good song

13.- The Last Time 7/10- It begins with the chorus and fast with the verses, simple

14.- Wasting my Time 9/10- A great closer, it begins very slow, but it changes to a fast song, one of the best songs here

15.-(Hidden Track)F**k the Greyhound Bus 8/10-Hilarious and very fast song, it's fun to listen

Like you can see, mest has only three power chords in their songs, almost inaudible bass, an average voice and catchy melodies, that's it like any other pop-punk band in the 00's but they were good in what they did, that's it.

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my favorite album ever!!!

Posted : 11 years, 10 months ago on 2 July 2009 04:57 (A review of NOT Correct Album)

Well, this is the offsping's breaktrough and bestselling album ever, also it has a record for the best selling album on an independent label ever but this review is not for telling you this, probably most of you know it, whatever here's the review track by track:

Time to Relax N/A : This is just an intro, and it hasn't review

Nitro (Youth Energy)9/10: It begins witha very fast frum roll and starts with pure energy from start to finish, great song

Bad Habit 10/10: One of my favorite tracks, it begins very slowly with only the bassline but when dexter starts singing the song it explodesinto te guitars riff, the beat is very catchy specially the chorus

Gotta Get Away 9.5/10: After two fast tracks here's a slower one, the starting drums are kind of similar t.s.o.l.'s i'm tired of life but i like these ones some more, the chorus is very good

Genocide 10/10: This song has the same guitar riff of change the world or viceversa but here's in a faster tempo and it sounds better, riffs are very catchy, my favorite part is the bridge, one of teh best ones here in my opinion

Something to Believe In 8.5/10: This song is very simple, nothing really special here ,anyways a good song

Come Outand Play (Keep 'Em Separated)10/10: Hell Yes,my favorite song in all smash album, the starting riff are so fucking great and the chorus is very unique, i have to say more?

Self Esteem 10/10: Here's another killer one, the lyrics are great, a killer chorus, great verses, do you need more? probably my second favorite in smash

It'll be Long Time 9/10: This song is fast, the chorus is good, but the real thing i love in this song is the bridge and it brings you the chorus again

Killboy Powerhead 9/10: Very energetic and fast song, it's all i have to say, very good

What Happened to You? 9.5/10: Very catchy song, it has some ska elements, some to vary in a very good way in the album

So Alone 8/10: Weakest track on the album, very fast and short song, kind of simple but is good anyway

Not the One 10/10: Othe catchy and fast song, but i like this one more than the others with this description, the lyrics are very good,the bridge is awesome

Smash 10/10: Here's the title track, my favorite lyrics are here, one of the best tracks in smash, just pure gratness

And in conclusion Smash is a blast of punk rock to your ears and that's it

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